Cloud computing uses.

When considering cloud technology, IT professionals can face a range of challenges. How do you balance performance while containing complexity? Is a public, private or hybrid cloud architecture the right model for your business? What level of automation, managed services and support do you need? With a range of cloud computing options available, Fastrack is your end-to-end Cloud Computing solutions partner.

What is Cloud Computing?

Fastrack’s cloud computing solutions allow enterprise applications to be operated over the internet or a secure network. With center partners across the globe, we offer customisable levels of storage, bandwidth, compute, and RAM so your staff and customers can access essential applications as fast and securely as if they were on premise.

Public cloud

Constructed for the most complex environments on the planet, we deliver on-demand networking, compute and storage with your choice of management and service levels.

Private cloud

When your business operates under strict data compliance conditions, Fastrack gives you the same infrastructure benefits you’d expect from the public cloud but in a highly secure environment.

Hybrid cloud

When you have ‘not-so-simple’ cloud requirements, a combination of public and private cloud integrates your existing on-premise or colocation environments with resources that are managed by Fastrack’s expert cloud team.

Cloud connectivity

Maximise your connection to the cloud or improve existing performance via a range of technologies customised to your business needs.

Business continuity

A customised or ready-made set of service level guarantees with cloud-based back-up and disaster recovery makes it simple keep your data safe.

Our consultants work within some of the most complex environments in Australia, and can tackle any cloud problem you throw at us. Fastrack’s Engineers and Architects are the driving force behind our cloud offerings. They are focused on reducing the complexity and uncertainty of the cloud by recommending fit-for-purpose cloud solutions which consider all facets of your business.


What do we offer?

Our consultants support the cloud computing environments of the some of the biggest brands in Australia – all with challenges as unique as the businesses they run. If you have questions about getting cloud ready – we’ve got the answers.


To ensure you get the right solution for your business, we evaluate your technology needs and recommend the right solution for you.

Solution architecture

We ensure your solution is designed to perform and scale at the same rate as your business.

Deployment and migration

With the ready-made implementation technology and methodologies, we ensure your technology integrates seamlessly and data syncs into the cloud with no end user disruptions.

Unified support

Fastrack experts provide the tools and staff to ensure the health and uptime of your system, while dynamically adjusting it to cater for the demands of a fluctuating business.

What do you get?

  • Flexible storage – Get as little or as much storage as you need, with preset plans starting at 100 GBs and plans extending to 500 GBs or more.
  • Customized RAM– Plans start from 16 GBs and range to 512 GBs and more.
  • High performance – 1 to 256 Ghz of CPU resource at your finger tips.
  • Fastest connection speeds – Configurable bandwidth of 500 GBs and up to 128TB of bandwidth per month.

Heard enough?

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