Connectivity via the Internet

As companies move to cloud services and hybrid environments, direct connectivity is important as the internet wasn’t designed for these workloads. Speed, reliability, contention and lack of SLAs are all issues to be addressed along with the costs.

Connectivity via CloudConnect™

CloudConnect ™ is a plug-and-play solution with low costs and huge effects on performance and your bottom line. It’s direct connectivity to your cloud services and high-speed, low latency and un-contended. With SLAs and a fraction of the routing hops, the service you get with CloudConnect™ direct connectivity, cannot be achieved via the public internet.

All Fastrack services are delivered over Fastrack Link™, a high-speed Ethernet service connecting your WAN to the Fastrack network. CloudConnect™ offers connectivity to Microsoft Office 365, Azure ExpressRoute, Symantec Cloud, Akamai and 140+ other cloud services.

CloudConnect™ Highlights

  • Flexible bandwidth options
  • Secure connection with dedicated network links per customer
  • Highly available service using multiple datacentres in Australia and two dedicated routers per customer
  • Cost effective service with unmetered network connectivity
  • Reliable service with Service Level Agreement target of 99.95%
  • Single connection to access multiple cloud services
  • Dedicated connection to private resources in Azure via ExpressRoute
  • 24×7 Technical support
  • Optional consultation for on-premises design and installation
  • Optional basic firewall Service
  • Optional Fastrack Monitoring services – Lite, Standard and Advanced options
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