Designing your network with the right ethernet and layer 2 technology is key to ensuring it can scale with your business and deliver the high-speed connectivity you need to be successful.

What are Ethernet services?

Fastrack’s Ethernet services incorporate layer 2 and layer 3 networking solutions so you have full control of your routing and networking decisions. With partnerships with a range of carriers, you’ll have a national coverage and be able to deliver networking protocols to any site regardless of Geography. Ethernet services include:

High performance

The lowest possible latency and highest possible bandwidth is achieved through best practice integration. WAN, MAN, LAN, dark fibre, CWDM, DWDM and 100+ gbit connectivity solutions achieves the best user experience and facilitates highly responsive access to essential resources.

Network growth simplified

Whether your business has 1 or 100 sites, our layer 2 ethernet networks are built to be modular and scalable so you can add and move sites when need to.

Always available

Designed with redundant management modules, switch fabrics, power supplies and cooling systems, our layer 2 Ethernet solutions ensure you always have access to your data, where and when you need it.

Enhanced security

Best-practice switch implementation ensures you can securely hand off between private and public environments and meet the most stringent security requirements.


Legacy support

When deploying your layer 2 Ethernet solution, Fastrack consultants ensure legacy application protocols are considered and are central to the design – rather than an after thought.

Mobility enablement

Your mobile workforce needs to access resources remotely. Your Ethernet solution provides secure, remote access to the corporate VPN via the internet.

Network segmentation and virtualisation

Using advanced switching and virtualized networking, we ensure your network is collision free and provides a high performance dedicated bandwidth connection.

Fastrack’s Ethernet solutions combine expert consultants and best-of-breed technology to connect disparate sites and users. We deliver private, secure, scalable and fast network connectivity where and when you need it.

What do we offer?

Fastrack experts offer a range of services to create efficient, flexible, secure and cost-effective communication infrastructure.


We spend the time to uncover your unique requirements and ensure any deployment barriers are discovered before the design or implementation phases begin.

Solution architecture

Experts design a solution which ensures your network connects and integrates business sites and applications regardless of size, disparity or location.

Unified support

You solution is fully managed, with end-to-end service and a choice of vendor equipment and agreements. We proactively monitor and report on performance and ensure your customers’ data stays accessible and secure.

What do you get?

  • International coverage – Extend your local network interstate or internationally, with  over 1,300 buildings connected to our partner network across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Fast speeds – With connection speed options from 100MBps to 10GBps – you’ll actually get that speed, uninterrupted.
  • Point-to-multi-point or point-to-point – We’re flexible, with options to aggregate multiple services to a single port that we monitor for you.
  • Easy to deploy– Fastrack’s Ethernet services are simple to deploy (typically within 10-30 days) and are easy to scale when your traffic demands increase or requirements change.