Robust internet connectivity, low cost and personalized customer support are essential services from a telecommunications provider. Fastrack makes it easy for you to maintain a secure, fast and cost effective internet connection by managing your IP transit, so your IT team can focus on their core business.

What is IP Transit?

Modern businesses can’t afford to lose internet connectivity. The loss of Internet often means loss of business. Fastrack consolidates IP Transit options for a number of telecommunication providers to remove the complexity from choosing a provider, a plan, and the right hardware. With highly robust global connectivity, competitive pricing and next-level customer support, Fastrack’s IP Transit is an ideal solution for organisations with cloud-based applications and those who rely on an optimized internet connection to do business.

Robust network infrastructure

Fastrack builds redundancy into your environment. In the event of service failure, you’re automatically connected to another service without impact.

National coverage

Fastrack’s partner network delivers national coverage to your business premises or almost every major data center in Australia.

Scalable networks

With enduring relationships with providers, we ensure you get the best possible speeds and the most out of your infrastructure.

Proven solutions

Connecting some of the most demanding environments in Australia, our consultants and technology ensure the most powerful enterprise applications can be run out of the cloud.

Personalized service

With all of our staff based in Australia – you’ll develop strong relationships with the same people who will ensure you’re always connected.

Low costs

A simplified and tailored billing arrangement ensures your costs are low and predictable.

Fastrack partners with the best providers to offer redundant and high capacity internet connectivity options. Our solutions are low latency and high speed to ensure your business performs the way it should – regardless of geography.

What do we offer?

From carrier selection and network design, Fastrack provides a comprehensive set of services to deliver you fast, secure and reliable internet connectivity for your business.


To ensure you get the right solution for your business, we evaluate your technology needs and recommend the right telecommunications provider for your business.

Solution architecture

To give you the fastest, most reliable solution, Fastrack consultants design a solution that utilizes best-practice design so your solution is as robust and secure as it is scalable.


Fastrack combines its deep experience in IP Transit solutions and world-leading infrastructure technologies to ensure your solution implementation is future-proof.

Unified support

When your network includes multiple office locations or a mixture of on-premises and third-party data centers, we proactively manages your connectivity to ensure you’re online when you need to be.

What do you get?

  • A global network link – With low latency access to the Southern Cross Cable System and capacity along the AJC and AAG cable system, you get access to to Hong Kong, Singapore and onward to the rest of Europe and Asia.
  • More BGP adjacencies other providers – Through Fastrack’s partner networks, we’ll help you connect to more Broader Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities than anyone else.
  • DDOS attack prevention – With access to Arbor Network Peakflow SP security systems, we constantly monitor and take action against hostile traffic even before it arrives in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Fast Ethernet – Get access to 10MBps to 100MBps of ethernet connectivity.
  • Gigabit Ethernet options – With a range of super-fast Ethernet options, you’ll get a range of connectivity speeds including, 200 MBps to 10,000 MBps.
  • Rapid installation – We guarantee your IP Transit service will be installed within 20 days or less.