With the proliferation of branch offices, remote workers, and the need for access to centrally provided data and applications, Wide Area Network (WAN) services have become essential in enabling IT agility and overall business productivity. Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on ethernet and internet services to do business, meaning reliable WAN connections can be directly linked to success.

What are WAN services?

Fastrack’s WAN services combine best-of-breed technology and expert consultants to give staff and users, better control over their networks, and application performance.

High performance

Fastrack WAN networks are built to connect local and global data centers to distributed offices, remote offices and users. Powering some of the most robust WAN networks in the world, Fastrack WAN networks  cater to the most stringent demands for bandwidth, latency and availability.

Data center optimization

As you consolidate your data from on-premises to the cloud, your WAN bandwidth requirements skyrocket. Best-practice architecture and good relationships with telecommunications and data center providers ensure your WAN solutions can handle any bandwidth demands.

Redundant networks

As your business grows, so does your WAN. Fastrack builds WAN with simple redundancy to ensure your network is secure and fool proof, regardless of how much you grow.

WAN optimization

WAN optimisation technologies allow you to manipulate your WAN traffic for increased efficiency and throughput. We examine and recommend the best-fit solution for your environment.

With dispersed, regional offices; cross-organisational teams and ever increasing performance requirements, a businesses’ WAN is critical for ensuring staff collaboration and efficiency.

What do we offer?


Rather than take a one-size-fits all approach, engineers analyse and assess your network and recommend the best way to structure your WAN traffic.


After robustly testing your new design, we systematically configure and implement an effective WAN network across your whole environment.

Monitoring platform

With Fastrack’s proven monitoring platform, you’ll have a complete view of WAN performance, with detailed reporting on highest compression, lowest availability and highest loss.

Superior helpdesk

With an industry-leading ITIL compliant helpdesk, we’ll track and manage incidents, issues and change requests before they become a real problem.

Proactive review and reporting

We regularly review your WAN performance and provide advice and services to ensure you can allocate bandwidth according to your business requirements.