Whether you need a private, hybrid or public cloud solution, need to deploy Windows or Office 365, or discover a better way to manage devices; Fastrack can unearth and implement the right solution for you.

Working within some of the most complex environments in Australia and abroad, our consultants are network, infrastructure and cloud experts.

We provide solutions for cloud connectivity issues, barriers to collaboration, operational inefficiencies and under-performing networks.

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Cloud Computing

Fastrack’s cloud computing solutions allow enterprise applications to be operated over the internet or a secure network. With center partners across the globe, we offer customisable levels of storage, bandwidth, compute, and RAM so your staff and customers can access essential applications as fast and securely as if they were on premise.

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Cloud Connectivity

Fastrack’s Cloud Connectivity solutions enable you to create fast, private connections to the Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google data centers and data that’s in a colocation environment or on premises. Our cloud connections offer some of the fastest speeds in Australia, lowest latencies and enhanced reliability.

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Colocation allows you to house your services and network devices in a data center whereby you have access essential services and measures that would be costly to implement on-premise.

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Device Management

Fastrack’s Device Manager, as the name suggests, allows IT professionals to manage the devices and applications on their corporate network. The solution integrates Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) into a single comprehensive device management platform.

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Ethernet Services

Fastrack’s Ethernet services incorporate layer 2 and layer 3 networking solutions so you have full control of your routing and networking decisions. With partnerships with a range of carriers, you’ll have a national coverage and be able to deliver networking protocols to any site regardless of Geography.

IP transit icon

IP Transit

Fastrack consolidates IP Transit options for numerous telecommunication providers to remove the complexity from choosing a provider, a plan, and the right hardware. With highly robust global connectivity, competitive pricing and next-level customer support, Fastrack’s IP Transit is an ideal solution for organisations with cloud-based applications and those who rely on an optimized internet connection to do business.

Microsoft Windows logo, green.

Microsoft Windows

Whether you’re setting up Windows for the first time, or upgrading to give your staff the best tools – Windows is the best operating system to keep them productive, mobile and happy.

Microsoft Office 365 logo, green.

Office 365

Microsoft Office is suite of desktop applications, servers and services for Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. Office 365 is the Office you know, plus tools that help you work together, built to be the last Office suite you’ll ever need.

Private cloud icon, green.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is a single instance of a software or application, running on a server, serving a single business – instead of sharing resources with multiple businesses. A private cloud solution enables you or Fastrack to manage and house your data in Australia – giving you more control of your data.

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Unified Telephony

Modern handsets and intuitive software are deployed to ensure you receive the same excellent audio quality and clarity you would expect from conventional system, but with the added benefits of an integrated Unified Telephony system.

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WAN Services

Fastrack’s WAN services combine best-of-breed technology and expert consultants to give staff and users, better control over their networks, and application performance.

Clients with Fastrack solutions embedded in their business found their IT departments:

  • Reduced their operating costs.
  • Helped increase overall staff productivity.
  • Allowed end users to rapidly adopt business applications and processes.
  • Met or exceeded security and compliance requirements.
  • Supported business agility rather than hindering it.
  • Were able to focus on their core business.

Our solutions enable our clients to:

  • Choose an infrastructure location best suited to their needs.
  • Simplify data and device management while automating processes.
  • Easily scale products as their business demand shifts.
  • Give end-users the best possible experience.
  • Easily integrate disparate systems.

Our customers choose us because:

  • We simplify the vendor choice and the engagement process.
  • Our solutions are tailored to the needs of the business – not stitched together out of the box.
  • We are trusted by some of Australia’s most progressive and best blue chip organisations.