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Deploying Office 365 as a Gateway to Productivity

Access to cloud-based services has forever shifted the workplace by affording a level of freedom for employers to balance output and productivity while enabling employees to maintain a work/life balance. Modern technology empowers knowledge workers to contribute anywhere, any time. But this is not without security or information leakage concerns. […]


Effective device management: balancing security and productivity in a BYOD world

Since the middle of the last decade, the bring your own device (BYOD) movement has fundamentally shifted the IT security landscape. While CEOs were once willing to accept the corporate Blackberry as a primary tool for communication – and were able to define security policies accordingly – the explosion in iOS and Android devices have shifted the […]


How Infrastructure Decisions Directly Affect Business Outcomes

Modern business moves at the speed of IT, and the pervasiveness of the cloud over the past decade has both introduced efficiencies and thrust a spotlight on the importance of robust infrastructure management to ensure the lights stay on. If access to email services, collaborative workspaces, or other cloud-based applications like CRM are […]


Ensure Your Cloud Strategy Doesn't Hold Your Business Back

  All businesses are only effective if they can deliver against customer demands and expectations. In a competitive environment, every business needs to be able to provide services that meet the needs of its customer base. The cloud has forever changed the way modern businesses operate; from procuring services to providing customers and partners […]


What telcos don't want you to know about cloud connectivity

Not all connectivity is created equal and Fastrack has mastered connectivity to Office 365. We're now offering CloudConnect™ to Microsoft public and private (via ExpressRoute) and 140+ other cloud services... […]


Fastrack deepens partnership with managed services expert Brennan IT

February 24, 2017
by Yoni Kirsh

in News

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Brennan IT and thanks to all the Australian IT publications who shared our news: […]


Five Tips to Keep your CIO Happy in an Increasingly Cloud-based World

As we move into 2017, the pressures on IT to do more with less downtime grow exponentially. The modern CIO’s task is becoming ever more complex as businesses become more IT-driven and technology enabled. This in turn places more demand on IT departments and the infrastructure managers that are tasked with ensuring the lights remain on. The […]


Empower Your Business with CloudConnect™

  The cloud has been such a disruptive force in how we access and engage with the myriad information at our fingertips. We’ve never been more connected, and more businesses around the globe are adopting a cloud-first or hybrid cloud approach to IT to boost efficiencies, enhance reliability and provide new services to their stakeholders. However, […]


Make the Most of Microsoft Intune to Enable Your Staff to Work Seamlessly

  From executives circumventing corporate IT policies and asking IT managers to connect their iPhones to corporate networks, through to the proliferation of tablets on boardroom tables, there’s no doubt that the BYOD culture has forever changed the way we work. In fact, the lines between work and play are permanently blurred; millennials entering […]


The Top 3 Challenges Facing CIOs in 2017 - Digital Transformation and More

  The job of the modern CIO is becoming increasingly challenging as more businesses place IT at the centre of their customer experience. With many business functions beginning to fall under the CIO’s remit, Fastrack Technology has identified three priorities for an effective CIO to survive and thrive throughout 2017:    […]