Achieve millisecond latency to Microsoft, Google & 180+ services

CloudConnect™ provides direct connectivity to Office 365 and over 180 additional cloud services.

Because CloudConnect bypasses the internet it provides faster, cost-effective and more reliable connectivity designed to deliver an enhanced user experience for cloud-based applications.

Microsoft cloud connectivity

CloudConnect™ facilitates direct connections to all Microsoft tools, apps and services.

Office 365

Direct Connection to Office 365

Connect to key services in Office 365 like OneDrive, SharePoint and other essential Office apps.

Skype for Business & Teams

Direct Connection to Skype & Teams

Achieve Quality of Service (QoS) for your Voice and Video traffic through CloudConnect™.

Skype for Business

All Microsoft Public End-Points 

Connect to every Azure SaaS and PaaS application including Azure Storage, SQL databases, Websites and more.

Bypass the internet when connecting to cloud services.

CloudConnect™ provides a similar fast and direct connection to Azure ExpressRoute but also gives you access to 180+ cloud services at a very competitive rate.

Fast and Direct Connections to 180+ cloud services

Connect to 180+ cloud services, including:

Amazon Web Services

Get a direct connection to essential Amazon public and private cloud services including compute, web servers and every public end-point in AWS.


Google Cloud

A cost-effective alternative to Google Cloud Interconnect, CloudConnect™ allows you to connect to Google public cloud services like G-Suite and other essential services.


Create a secure and direct connection to Akamai Cloud and bypass the internet while improving the performance of your cloud apps.


Create a secure and direct connection to CloudFlare Cloud and bypass the internet while improving the performance of your cloud apps.


Create a secure and direct connection to Symantec Cloud and bypass the internet while improving the performance of your cloud apps.

100+ other cloud services

We’ve expanded our connections to over 180. Speak to our consultants for a full list of cloud services we can connect you to.

CloudConnect™ Features

  • Flexible bandwidth options.
  • Secure connection with dedicated network links per customer.
  • Highly available service with multiple data centres in Australia and two dedicated routers per customer.
  • Cost effective service with unmetered network connectivity.
  • Reliable service with Service Level Agreement target of 99.95%.
  • Single connection to access multiple cloud services.
  • Dedicated connection to private resources in Azure via ExpressRoute.
  • 24x7 technical support.
  • Optional consultation for on-premises design and installation.
  • Optional basic firewall Service.
  • Optional Fastrack Monitoring services - lite, standard and advanced options.

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