Managed WAN

What is Managed WAN?

Fastrack's Managed WAN services allows businesses to outsource design and management of their Wide Area Network (WAN). We manage every element of your WAN and proactively detect and solve network challenges to eliminate user disruptions.

Managed WAN Services

We provide comprehensive Managed WAN services for enterprises and small businesses.

24x7 Management & Support

Your network is designed, managed and optimised by a crack team of network engineers.

Managed Network Devices

Rather than upgrading and replacing network equipment ad-hoc, outsource management of all network hardware.

Hardware rental & procurement

Outsource the network hardware procurement process or rent hardware so you can scale your own pace.


Enterprise-Grade Internet

Fast internet designed to power access to enterprise-grade cloud applications.

Security Services 

We protect your internet connections from threats ensuring traffic is encrypted and vetted traffic before it accesses the Internet.

WAN Optimisation Services

Improve the performance of cloud apps with specially configured network hardware infrastructure and consulting.

Our holistic approach to Managed WAN.

Regardless your organisation size, we configure and implement a secure and high-performing network that is a flexible enough to grow with your business.

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Why Fastrack for Managed WAN?

  • Dedicated 24x7 team of network engineers.
  • Quickly connect new office/branch locations to the the same cloud-apps, with the speed and security as your head office.
  • Enhanced network reliability.
  • More efficient bandwidth use.
  • Simplified management and costs.

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