Managed Wi-Fi

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Fastrack's Managed Wi-Fi is a high-speed, flexible networking solution perfect for businesses with single or multiple sites. Our Managed Wi-Fi service allows enables small, medium and large businesses to access a reliable and secure corporate Wi-Fi solution without installing or managing physical hardware or cabled connectivity. This solution is highly suited to temporary office locations, office relocations and organisations looking to simplify their internal network management requirements.

What's included?

Flexible Design

We design your Wi-Fi solution with the needs of your business at heart. We design your Wi-Fi to consider not only the unique needs of your industry and the coverage required at each site, but also the applications and devices your staff and customers use.

Hardware Management

We manage all the hardware required to keep your Wi-Fi fast, including firmware and software updates.

Access Point Placement

We help you determine the best placements for your network devices in each location, so your customers and/or staff never go without.

Load Balancing

We deploy and manage your load balancing tools to ensure bandwidth is evenly spread across your access points, ensuring your network won't slow down because too many devices are connected to a single AP.

Application Prioritisation

Application Prioritisation

We help you prioritise which apps are business critical and ensure your Wi-Fi can identify and dedicate connectivity to essential apps over non-essential apps.

Security & Firewalls

We establish what safe baseline traffic looks like so we can easily identify and rectify abnormal internal network traffic.


  • Reduced costs - With Fastrack's Managed Wi-Fi in place, you'll drastically reduce the costs associated with deploying a cable and hardware heavy network solution.
  • Improved security - with Managed Wi-Fi, you'll have more control over who can access your network and to what extent. You can even create separated networks for staff, customers and third-party contractors
  • Enhanced accessibility - You control how staff and customers connect to your network. Whether you facilitate a bring your own device policy or restrict access to your network to the devices of your choosing - it's your choice.


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