Active Directory Consulting Services

For staff to be productive, they need access to services from anywhere, in a safe and reliable way. You need to securely store and manage privileges in a central location, empowering your end-users to get their work done easily. Our Active Directory consulting services are about helping you manage identity with the latest features from Azure AD Premium or with ADFS, always tailoring a solution to your needs. 


Seamless identity for better access & security


With the proliferation of mobile devices and wide-spread adoption of cloud apps, there's a greater need to store and manage user information privileges in a single place.

We deploy Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) & Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) for Office 365 and Windows 10 and our Active Directory consulting services will help simplify access and identity management, creating a seamless experience for your end-users.


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Helping with your Microsoft identity managment

With a comprehensive ADFS solution in place, user experience is simplified through a secure single sign-on process, while IT teams have a complete view of users accessing corporate data.

Azure AD Premium Vs Active Directory on-premises

We provide Active Directory consulting services to help you deploy and optimise a single solution either on-premises, on IaaS, or in a hybrid environment. Our services can be comprehensive, from setting-up your tenant to deploying and managing identity protection.


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Azure AD Connect

We help deploy Azure AD Connect to integrate your on-premises setup with Azure AD. We enable users to adopt a common identity to access both cloud and on-premises resources while simplifying and securing synchronisation for IT teams.  


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Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

We can implement Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to provide users with single sign-on access to systems and applications - maintaining federated identity. Enable sign-on into Azure AD services with on-premises passwords and without having to enter passwords again.


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Azure AD for Office 365

We configure and deploy Azure AD to Office 365 for enhanced identity and security capabilities for Office 365 applications including: self-service password reset, customised branding capabilities, enhanced group policy and provision capabilities, multi-factor authentication, better SLAs, and more.


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Microsoft 365 Workshop

Deploying Microsoft 365 enables enhanced enterprise collaboration, security and productivity.

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Azure AD group policy

Our Active Directory consulting services includ group polices and with Azure AD sync in place, we can configure and deploy group policy settings for users and services in Azure.


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Azure Active Directory Domain Services

We enable virtual machines to join domains without deploying domain controllers. So you can migrate on-premises apps to Azure and manage virtual machines effectively using group policy.


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Azure Active Directory Premium

We help you get the most out of Active Directory Premium features by assisting with the deployment of self-service password management, two-way sync between on-premises and Azure AD, multi-factor authentication, identity protection and integration with Windows 10 and Office 365.


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Azure AD Identity Protection (ADIP)

Is essential to protecting user identities from being compromised - either maliciously by hackers or accidentally by staff. We deploy ADIP to detect when a range of breaches occur and setup actions and processes to address them.

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Connecting to Office 365

What you need to know before establishing connectivity to Office 365 with ExpressRoute or any other solution.

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