Application Packaging

Enterprise applications packaged and deployed on-demand

Your users demand easy, self-service access to corporate applications and services from multiple devices, where ever they are.

What is Application Packaging?

Application packaging the process of binding the relevant files and components to build a customised application for a set of end-user devices.

Fastrack's App Packaging solution allows you to outsource everything involved in the process, including planning, packaging delivery and on-going management.

What's included?

On-demand requirements

Request and requirements gathering

As you introduce new applications into your business, our simple interface allows you to easily make a new request to the Fastrack App Packaging team.

Application consulting

Application consulting

Throughout the process, we offer advice, guidance and recommendations about the deployment and configuration of each package, to ensure each application is packaged efficiently and easily for users.
App packaging

Fast app packaging

Once the request has been received and all requirements gathered, Fastrack goes to work, packaging the app quickly.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) 

We also test each application before enabling the app to be distributed to production.

Software delivery

Once testing is complete, the packaged app can be distributed in-house or by the Fastrack application distribution team.


With a Fastrack Application Packaging solution in place, you can expect a few benefits, including:

  • Users require little or no help from IT help desk to download and install corporate applications.

  • Users can easily download and install new applications on-demand.

  • Decreased risk of misconfigured apps in your device environment.

  • Simplify on-boarding process for new users.

  • Increase stability and reliability of corporate applications.


  • Allows your IT team to focus on what they do best.

What's next?

Book a call and a Application Packaging consultant will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

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