Application Packaging Services

App Packaging is a significant challenge, as it requires IT personnel who are highly skilled, some tasks are mundane and reptitive, yet outsourcing doesn't always give you the best results. 

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Simplified enterprise software deployment

App Packaging is a significant challenge for enterprises. IT personnel responsible for the job must not only be highly skilled, but also have the time required to be effective. Organisations often do not want their resources dedicating the majority of their time towards App Packaging when they need to be focusing on other important tasks.

Meanwhile, engaging the services of a large App Packaging provider can take vast amounts of time, as processes are slowed by layers of email chains and drawn-out turnaround periods. For a large enterprise requesting dozens of apps every month, each individual package can take months to be delivered after the initial request.

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A more efficient solution

We’re driven to improve the App Packaging benchmarks of the industry as a whole and our service is designed to deliver outcomes for organisations faster and better than ever before.

By prioritising agile business practices and proactive service, our solution takes the frustration and delays out of the app development process, helping enterprises get the software solutions they need faster.

Our Australian-based team will pick up the phone as soon as an app request comes through, cutting out the inefficiencies of email communication and ensuring things get done as soon as they can. It's this layer of human service that allows us to speed up the App Packaging process, reducing delivery times down to one week for each request.

Our App Packaging service is customisable to suit the needs of our customers. We offer flexibility of monthly app volumes and competitive pricing models.

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A tailored approach to packaging

Request and requirements gathering

Whether through a ticket logged with Fastrack directly or through our integration with a customer ticketing system, an app request and any supporting information is sent to our App Packaging team.

Application consulting

Fastrack's expertise with apps means we can offer advice and guidance beyond the specific App Packaging solution. We assess every request individually and make recommendations of software offerings where appropriate.

App packaging

Once the request has been received and all requirements gathered, Fastrack goes to work, packaging the app effectively and efficiently.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

To ensure our packaged solution is capable of meeting the requirements of our customer, we present what was requested and get confirmation and sign-off. If it doesn't meet expectations, Fastrack revisit the packaging process until it is right.

Software delivery

Once approval has been given, the packaged app is delivered to the customer's internal resources for distribution, or deployed by Fastrack as part of a more complete Fastrack Device Management managed service. 

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Flexible app packaging that deploys software faster.

Take the frustration and delays out of app packaging.

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