Azure Express Route

Azure Express Route offers fast and direct connectivity to Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services, enabling fast migration of data and superior user experience.



Establish connectivity to Azure with guaranteed SLAs

As your enterprise moves to the cloud, you potentially shift thousands of users, to access business critical data, without SLAs, via the internet. This isn't an acceptable strategy. ExpressRoute delivers direct connectivity to Office 365, and other Microsoft cloud services, to enable the same seamless end-user experience expected from on-premises or WAN hosted installations. 

Without the right cloud connectivity during your transition to the cloud, your migration could be affected by significant delays and costs. ExpressRoute is an obvious solution to both migration connectivity and on-going cloud application user experience. However, deployment takes expert knowledge and experience. Moreover, a long checklist of internal network prerequisites and a protracted approvals process can stop your ExpressRoute deployment, in its tracks. As an early adopter of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, we've uncovered the key connectivity challenges, and the solutions.


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Stand-up Azure Express Route faster

Azure Express Route provides a secure, robust and fast connection, to get your data into the cloud in the first place and Quality of Service (QoS) gurantees for latency sensitive workloads inluding Exchange Online and Skype For Business.

We've delivered many Azure Express Route connections to organisations across Asia-Pacific and have the expericence and automation required for fast turnarounds.


ExpressRoute for Exchange Online migrations

Without the direct connectivity that comes with ExpressRoute, your mailbox migration can stall. With a direct connection in place, you can migrate thousands of mailboxes simultaneously, achieving up to 10 Gbit connectivity, without disruption to business apps or impact to your internet.


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Enhanced Skype For Business reliability

Successful adoption of Skype for Business relies on connectivity that supports hundreds of concurrent voice and video calls without interruptions. We setup and configure ExpresRoute to your Office 365 tenant and make sure Skype For Business traffic is prioritised. 


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OneDrive, SharePoint and Dynamics

ExpressRoute can also assist other heavy Office 365 workloads including OneDrive and SharePoint as well as the Dynamics 365 platform. We can assure traffic to and from Office 365 are prioritised and not contending with other, less critical traffic.

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ExpressRoute for Azure infrastructure and platform services

ExpressRoute can enable direct connections to Azure IaaS and PaaS services and can make Azure feel like a natural extension of your WAN, without compromising on security.


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Expert ExpressRoute provisioning

Whether you require Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, we can assess, configure, deploy and support a solution tailored to your environment.


The approach to ExpressRoute deployment will impact the cost, speed and quality of the service overall. We review your requirements and existing network to ensure we go with the best design. 

Setup, deploy and configure

We ensure your network meets pre-requisites, handle procurement and configuration, and guide you through the approvals process with Microsoft. Your ExpressRoute circuit can then be deployed within 4-5 hours.

Monitoring and support

Our monitoring, network mapping and net flow analysis will give you complete transparency and control of your connection. Monthly reporting keeps you updated while a 99.95% up-time SLA is a standard inclusion.

Avoid ExpressRoute approvals with CloudConnect™ To Office 365

ExpressRoute is a great option for facilitating fast, reliable connections to a host of Microsoft cloud workloads and especially Azure IaaS. However, enterprise networks aren't always set-up to meet Microsoft’s off-the-shelf requirements.

CloudConnect™ was created as a complimentary service for connecting to Office 365 and is simpler to deploy, while still making use of high-speed, dedicated connections to Microsoft public cloud. The solution overcomes the limitations of requiring a review from Microsoft, allows you to use your preferred routing protocols (not limited to BGP), and addresses the latency, security, reliability and bandwidth issues that occur when connecting to cloud applications via the public internet.

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Meet ExpressRoute prerequisites and avoid delays.