Fast, secure and affordable connectivity to Office 365, Azure and over 180 other cloud services.


The internet wasn't designed for the cloud

As your company moves to the cloud, you potentially shift hundreds or thousands of users, to access business critical data, without SLAs, via the internet.

CloudConnect™ is a plug-and-play solution with low costs and huge affect on performance and your bottom line. Offering direct connectivity to Office 365 and over 180 additional cloud services, it's a faster, easier and more reliable connectivity solution designed to help you deliver better business outcomes.

Transitioning some or all of your organisation's IT infrastructure to a cloud-based solution is a smart decision; offering immense flexibility, agility and affordability. However, if you're making the shift, the process can be complicated.

There are detailed security and migration issues that must be carefully managed and having hundreds or thousands of users' traffic traversing the internet to access business critical data, without SLAs, isn't an acceptable strategy.


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Achieve millisecond latency to Office 365, Azure & 180+ services

CloudConnect™ offers private connectivity to more than 180 of the world's leading cloud service providers, guaranteeing faster and more secure access to key business services.

Private connectivity to Office 365

When migrating to Office 365, a smooth transition requires a connection to the Microsoft Global Network. Our consultants help design a solution tailored to your environment. With our service deployed, you will enjoy up to 10 Gbps connectivity to Office 365, that is as reliable and secure, as it is fast.

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ExpressRoute & CloudConnect™

Alongside our own solution, Fastrack offers support for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. Most widely used for extending the customer network to Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS). ExpressRoute is occasionally used for direct connection to public cloud tools such as Office 365, although a protracted approvals process can significantly delay the transition.

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Circumventing ExpressRoute approvals with CloudConnect™

Not every enterprise is capable of using ExpressRoute to connect to Office 365, however as one of Australia's most experienced ExpressRoute vendors, we support organisations looking to use ExpressRoute to connect to Microsoft services and particularly for connectivity to IaaS. For customers who require connectivity to Office 365, CloudConnect can be used and provisioned concurrently with your ExpressRoute connection to Azure IaaS. 

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Connect to 180+ cloud services

We’ve expanded our connections to AWS, Google, Symantec, IBM, Akamai and over 180 other cloud providers. Our goal is to stand-up whichever services you require more efficiently than previously possible. Our consultants will advise you of the fastest way to connect to the cloud with minimal disruption to your organisation.

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Get fast, direct connectivity to 180+ cloud services.

Millisecond latency to Azure and Office 365 is possible with CloudConnect™.