Fastrack Device Management

Powerful Microsoft tools like Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune are generally underutilised and Fastrack specialises in enterprise device management as a service, to take the pain out of managing your modern desktop. 

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Complex tasks crucial to enterprise productivity and security

Managing enterprise devices is complex, and requires intricate technology to be combined with specialist expertise and experience.

Internal IT teams often aren't equipped to handle this process. But we believe this shouldn't be a barrier. Our service provides a strong base for all of an organisation's needs, and can be specifically tailored to the unique requirements of different businesses.

IT teams have many more balls to juggle than just management of staff devices, so it simply isn't possible for them to spend all of their time upskilling in SCCM or completing the full design and implementation process for a greenfield environment.


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Enterprise device management as a service

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Devices & Deployment we have the expertise and experience in SCCM and Microsoft Intune required to create the very best working environment.

Our solutions encompass design, deployment and management of all infrastucture and services required to manage end-user devices. 

Application packaging

Maintaining control of software requests and deployments from users on your network is a valuable part of device management, a service that requires skill and speed. We’re driven to improve the app packaging benchmarks of the industry as a whole, and our service is designed to deliver outcomes for organisations faster and better than ever before.

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Windows 10 management

We provide a range of services and ongoing managment to ensure your Windows 10 environment is always healthy, including application remediation services, patches, 'pilot' and product releases.

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Mobile device management (MDM)

We enable staff devices to meet policy, health and security requirements before accessing business critical applications and data, by configuring Intune's Device Enrolment Manager, setting-up intuitive dashboards with Azure, deploying asset tracking, configuring profiles and much more.

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Configuration Manager and Intune consulting

With constant changes to the software used to manage devices, its difficult to know what's useful and practical for your environment. We can tackle your problems on a case-by-case basis and offer consulting in all areas relating to our device management managed services. 

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A tailored approach

Each enterprise is a little bit different, which is why we take a tailored approach to every situation when it comes to device management. Whatever your challenges, our team has the experience and expertise to ensure the process runs smoothly.

A flexible and comprehensive solution powering your device environment.

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