Server Management
For Windows & Linux


Server management made simple

Whether you need a management partner who can handle everything from updates to security, or just need help deploying new servers, we have the solution for you.

What is Server Management?

Fastrack Server Management ensures your Microsoft Windows or Linux Server environment is always secure, compliant and available. 

Windows Server Management
Make your Microsoft Windows Server environment secure, compliant and highly available. Our solutions for Windows Server management, are comprehensive and include deployment, support, patch management, monitoring and much more.

Linux Server Management
The world runs on Linux, but it's servers require highly specialised administrators. With Fastrack's Linux Server Management service, you'll have a whole team of Linux experts proactively and reactively managing your environment 24x7.

What's included?

Configuration & deployment

Our team combines best practice principles and analysis of your requirements to configure and secure your server.

Server Migration

We manage the complete migration process of moving your server workloads and data onto another server without any downtime, so you can focus on your day job.

24x7 monitoring & support

Our expert consultants proactively monitor your environment to catch any issues before they become real problems. But should you ever need to raise an issue, our team are always on-hand to take action.

User & group management

We manage everything from access controls, security and permissions across all your Linux and Windows Servers. With Fastrack Server Management in place, you'll easily identify users with rights and be able to take action to manage permissions.

Patch Management

Patch Management

As new software updates become available, we’ll assess, test and deploy them to your servers to ensure your servers stay healthy and secure.
Asset management

Asset management

We configure your asset management suite to give you a comprehensive view of all your server assets, while custom reports simplify issue resolution and commercial decisions.

Server security & optimisation

We ensure your servers remain safe from malware and security breaches while ensuring your assets maintain peak performance.
OS deployment

OS deployment

We simplify server OS deployment by managing the whole process. We configure remote control settings, BIOS and a range of other configurations to standardise the entire organisation on a single OS.

And anything else you can think of

We also provide: task sequences for all server infrastructure, management of hardware, software and script execution, configurations of collections, compliance settings, maintenance windows, and client settings.

What's next?

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