Private Cloud and Colocation

When it comes to Cloud Computing and Colocation, there are many options. Fastrack works tirelessly to ensure our managed services clients have an outstanding experience with our support, with a compelling price point to match.

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Cloud & Colo expensive & not getting good service?

There's no doubting the value of cloud computing for enterprises. Offering flexibility, reliability and scalability at all levels, cloud solutions have quickly become an essential part of IT systems.

It's a great concept, but one that can quickly becomes expensive for large businesses. Public cloud services are essentially controlled by a handful of vendors, and establishing virtual machines with the power required to run a sizable IT system will escalate in price rapidly. Using a large public cloud provider presents further problems in terms of support, with long wait times and a lot of red tape to sift through before issues can be resolved.


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Moving to cloud infrastructure

Even though the cloud is becoming prolific in the way enterprises manage their infrastructure, there are still some challenges you will face when planning your transition. 

When assessing these challenges, knowing there's an alternative to the status quo in Fastrack, will go a long way to ensuring your solution is scalable, affordable and best-of-breed.

We think there's a better way to offer medium and large business cloud hosting, providing a more secure, managed and affordable service for Australian organisations and we delight in helping IT people deliver better outcomes to their organisations.

Fastrack Private Cloud for Enterprise

We developed Fastrack Cloud to provide a managed private cloud alternative to the major public providers with the service you expect from your Fastrack team.

Our highly customisable offering allows your enterprise to move infrastructure off-premises with ease and without compromise. We allow you to drive your costs down and embrace cloud computing on your terms.

Fastrack Cloud allows enterprises to eliminate the need to manage and maintain their physical IT infrastructure, without having to transition to a model dictated by the largest players.

Fastrack Cloud is available from tier 3 data centres across Australia, offering competitive rates for compute resources. Our aim is to assist your transition to the cloud and give outstanding ongoing service from a local team. We can provide whatever level of compute power your enterprise requires, with pricing based on your needs. Virtual CPUs, storage and RAM can easily be provisioned and scaled up or down as your needs change.

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Fastrack Colocation

Fastrack Private Cloud for large enterprises (outsourcing all hardware requirements) is often unrealistic or inefficient. That doesn't mean that equipment needs to be housed and managed on-premises, however.

Our Colo service can provide the benefits of moving off-premises, while keeping the physical hardware under your ownership and control. Reliability and security are essential concerns for your colocation service. By installing your equipment in our tier 3 data centres, access to your data remains restricted to just your personnel, guaranteeing robust security.

Additionally, our SLAs ensure downtime is essentially eliminated. We manage your IT at the hardware level - power and internet supply, changing discs and housing - but all data and content is managed by your internal teams. Fastrack Colo ensures cheaper, more reliable computing for your organisation and CloudConnect™ and Fastrack Internet are easily provided as additions for connectivity to cloud services and enterprise-grade IP transit.


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A tailored solution

Each option has unique considerations with regards to setup, but we aim to make the process as fast and seamless as possible. Upon receiving your requirements, Fastrack Cloud can be established within a day, upon provisioning Fastrack Link™ from your WAN to our network.

For enterprises moving to Fastrack Colo, an initial discussion takes place to gauge how much equipment is being moved into our data centre, and what the power usage and network requirements are. Once calculated, we meet with you at the data centre to assist with installation and setup, and then take control of whatever level of equipment management you desire.

Providing a superior enterprise solution to the major public providers is about customisation - we give you the flexibility to tailor your IT requirements as you see fit.

Maintaining discrete ownership of your enterprise data doesn't have to restrict you from accessing the immense benefits of the cloud; with Fastrack Cloud and Colo, the control stays in your hands. 

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We'll put the full power of the cloud in your hands.

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