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Enterprise internet can be costly and the service you get, questionable. Using multiple carriers and a little more 'tlc', we provide enterprise internet that's cost effective at scale. Our tailored solutions are monitored and managed by locally-based experts 24/7.

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Cost competitive & vigilant managed IP transit


A slow or unreliable internet connection can derail even the very best cloud solutions. Our internet, or 'IP transit' services provides enterprises with a simple solution that eliminates the stress, challenges and problems associated with internet at an enterprise level.

The way that enterprises use the internet has changed. Rather than simply a platform to search Google or send emails, businesses are now using different web-based apps in their day-to-day processes.

From Office 365 ProPlus through to antivirus software and cloud-based storage, fast and reliable connectivity isn't just a luxury, it's an absolute necessity.

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Better managed enterprise internet driving better business results, for less

Office 365 & Productivity

Regardless of whether an employee needs to share a spreadsheet across multiple offices or upload materials to a cloud-based drive, speed and reliability are the two most important aspects of internet to consider. Without a robust connection, even the smallest periods of downtime can have a significant impact on operations, resulting in a decrease in productivity, lost revenue and employee frustration.

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Smarter IT teams

Having managed and monitored connectivity in place from the get-go means that your IT employees are free to focus on other things, eliminating the stress of being constantly approached by staff unable to complete their work.

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Better Cyber Security

Another critical area of internet for enterprises is security, with new technology making it easier than ever for hostile traffic to take down a site. If your business's internet connection is vulnerable, the potential for devastating consequences is simply too much of a risk to take, which is why DDoS attack prevention is a necessity.

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Cost effective enterprise internet 

A final pain point with internet is cost. With many enterprises being forced to pay through the nose by their existing ISPs for a service that simply isn't up to an appropriate standard. There must be a better solution, and there is, with Fastrack Internet.

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Your enterprise internet solution

Fastrack peers with tier 1 ISPs from around the world to provide enterprises with a fast and secure connection at a cost-effective monthly rate. This includes access to Arbor Network Peakflow SP security systems, allowing us to constantly monitor any hostile traffic and prevent DDoS attacks.

Rather than viewing internet as another product, we see it as a managed service, and one that can add enormous value to an enterprise. With speeds ranging from 200 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, Fastrack Internet provides businesses with an enterprise-ready service that encompasses everything from carrier selection to network design.

To put things simply, it's internet designed specifically for large organisations, rather than the blanket services provided by ISPs to enterprises - at significant expense - that simply aren't catering to the unique requirements of large companies.

We do it better, and our team of experienced network engineers will evaluate your IT and technology needs to make sure that you are getting a service that will suit and expertise to ensure the process runs smoothly.

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Fast, reliable, secure internet to your staff.

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