Fastrack Link™

When you're working with trusted partners you want their team to feel like an extension of yours. In the same way we work hard to build relationships with you, Fastrack Link™ works hard as the enabling infrastructure that delivers you all the Fastrack connectivity and managed services that enhance your business.


Deliver better service from outsourced IT



We're all about ensuring IT teams deliver better business outcomes. Fastrack Link™ is the key underlying technology that allows our team to do what they do best.

Whether it's provisioning CloudConnect™ or allowing us to monitor and report on your infrastructure, Fastrack Link™ is the enabler of all connectivity and managed services.

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Understanding Fastrack Link™

Fastrack Link™ is a high-speed, secure and reliable fibre Ethernet or copper link running point-to-point from Fastrack's own infrastructure to your network. Once established, Fastrack can deliver all networking and infrastructure managed services, over this and it serves as a management link allowing server and network management on a 24/7 basis.



A world of services

Fastrack Link™ opens a world of services to your enterprise, including:

  • Configuration Manager management
  • Microsoft Intune management 
  • Device management monitoring 
  • Windows 10 management
  • App Packaging services
  • Cloud and Colo management 
  • Cloud & Colo monitoring
  • CloudConnect™ provisioning
  • CloudConnect™ monitoring
  • ExpressRoute provisioning
  • ExpressRoute monitoring
  • Internet management
  • Internet monitoring
  • WAN management
  • WAN monitoring

Fastrack Link On-net

We have 'Points of Presence' in a number of data centres in APAC. When your infrastructure is in the same data centre, we can provide an on-net link. Establishing a cross-connect directly at the data centre of choice is all that is required and Fastrack Link™ delivers speeds of either 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps, with a fixed monthly fee for the service. Typical provisioning time for on-net Fastrack Link™ is less than one week.

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Fastrack Link Off-net

In situations where Fastrack does not have a presence in your data centre, we partner with upstream carriers to find a solution that works for your infrastructure. Typical provisioning time for off-net Fastrack Link™ is 4 weeks.

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Fastrack Link™ is delivered as Ethernet point-to-point copper or fibre connection, supporting IEEE standards 802.3, 802.1Q and 802.1ad. Often our customers choose to establish an additional link for redundancy, and 802.1d and 802.1w are supported for loop avoidance. Fastrack Link™ can also be delivered on different VLANs as well - Dynamic LAG/LACP, static LAG/trunk/port-channel and jumbo frames are all supported. Additional links can be purchased and added dynamically without any service disruption.

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Fastrack Link™ can be handed over to the customer as a trunk link - delivered as a VLAN tagged service - or an untagged access link. Trunk links enable customers to receive different Fastrack services on different VLANs if they prefer traffic segregation on the links.

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Fastrack Link™ supports Port-Mac security and Q-in-Q encapsulation, ensuring information is more secure - all communication is sent over different VLANs with an outer VLAN tag.

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Access to first-class services

Fastrack Link™ is the lynchpin that binds our services together, giving you access to a massive range of game-changing offers. To get access to everything from direct connectivity & internet, to state-of-the-art device management using Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune, let's talk.









Get access to a range of game-changing solutions.