Call any Australian landline or mobile using your Microsoft Teams client.



What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams Voice empowers users to be more productive and collaborative by enabling them to call any Australian landline or mobile number using Microsoft Teams.

Enjoy unlimited calls to Australian numbers and all the features you expect from a next-gen enterprise telephony platform.

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Sale ends 30th June 2021.

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Who should use Microsoft Teams Voice?

If you're already using Office 365 (in fact, even if you're not) you'll find Microsoft Teams Voice exceptionally easy-to-use.

If you need a business phone that your users can take home, to the cafe, to Maccas, you'll love Microsoft Teams Voice.

If your users are less technical then you'll love the 24/7/365 end-user support.

If your users work from laptops, mobiles and tablets, you'll love Microsoft Teams Voice.

Key features

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Unlimited calls

Unlimited calls to any number Australian mobile or landline.

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Full voice functions

All the traditional call handling features (and some advanced features too!) including hold, transfer, forwarding and voicemail in the cloud.

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Intuitive IVR and ring groups

Set up simple or complex Interactive Voice Response and Ring groups including, 'Hunt groups', 'Simultaneous ring', and more.

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24/7/365  Australian support

Do your users need some extra tender loving care? Call us 24/7/365.

Business benefits

Microsoft Teams Voice is the scalable, secure and unified platform that powers collaboration for businesses.


Setup, then scale

Once you're ready to go, we can have you up and running overnight. Then, quickly scale your users as your business grows.


Reduced platforms

Bring your critical collaboration platforms together for a unified experience.


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Leverage the security that comes with Microsoft 365 including Multi-factor Authentication, conditional access and much more.

How does Microsoft Teams Voice work?

We have partnered with Microsoft to turn your Teams application into a ready-made enterprise phone system. We do this by combining our SIP trunk services, session boarder controller and other underlying infrastructure with Microsoft Direct Routing.


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