Mobile Device Management

Your staff are now accustomed to working on the go. As a result, mobile device management has become crucial to enterprise IT. We help integrate Microsoft Intune and SCCM and deliver MDM, to lower risks to security, improve end-user experience and staff productivity.

More than email on mobile 

In an increasingly connected world, it's essential to integrate mobile devices into your IT operational workflows. Whether by supplying the latest technology to staff or offering a 'bring your own' policy, there's a lot more to managing mobile devices than simply setting up email. In fact, the job can be incredibly complex, comprising elements as diverse as security, user experience and productivity. 

Challenges of Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We no longer work in enterprise environments where staff need to be chained to their desks. Your staff can benefit immensely from mobile device integration that allows them to work at full productivity from wherever they may be. Whether that means remote freelancers or more flexibility for your workforce, the upsides are significant, but poorly managed mobile devices can also present some challenges.


Off the bat, security is a major issue with mobile devices. Unlike workstations that are kept secure in an office, a phone can be easily misplaced or stolen. If your business deals with sensitive information, this represents a major threat, and it's a huge factor in proper management of mobile devices. Accordingly, you need to have the ability to not only track the whereabouts and activity of each device, but to remotely wipe them in a worst-case scenario.


Aside from security, the biggest challenge with MDM is integrating with existing software and infrastructure. Fastrack can ensure that each device is controlled within overall device management strategy, ensuring your users are not being limited by but are empowered by, mobile functionality. 

Skills to manage the software

The best way to ensure each mobile device is keeping your enterprise's data safe while enabling greater productivity is to use the right management tools, but unless your existing IT staff have experience with these, the software can be all but impossible to decipher.

That's why the best way to ensure your MDM is up to scratch is to work with specialists. 

Managing mobile devices with Fastrack

We're committed to deploying Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager (SCCM) in conjunction with Office 365 and other elements of your IT strategy to ensure the very best MDM practices. The MDM needs of enterprises come in all different shapes and sizes, so regardless of whether you need consulting to resolve an issue, assistance with training IT staff to use Microsoft Intune, or a full managed service across all of your company's devices, we can help.CFFastrackJune2017_Infoimages_Mobile Device Management.png

Because the MDM process is so complex, it can take enterprises a long time to get their systems functional. In the meantime, losses include decreased productivity and the danger of lost data.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, using repeatable frameworks which minimise the amount of time required during planning and deployment to provide a swift solution.

We're experts in device management across a variety of operating systems, applications and mobile devices, and can provide a managed service to take the confusion and complexity out of enterprise mobility.

Through the planning, deployment and management of Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), we eliminate the typical problems associated with MDM and ensure you're always in control of devices accessing your network.

Integrate Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Microsoft Intune and enable enterprise mobility

Without the right expertise, the increasing number of devices accessing your network creates an unrelenting set of challenges.

With our help during development, deployment and management of Intune and SCCM, mobile devices can do what they're supposed to - make your enterprise more agile and enable higher levels of staff productivity. So, let's talk. 


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