Mobile Device Management 


Secured workplace mobility

In an increasingly connected world, it's essential to integrate mobile devices into your device management strategy.

No longer do we work in environments where staff are chained to their desks. When mobile devices are enabled to access company apps and the corporate network, staff benefit immensely. With heightened levels of productivity and work-life balance a proven result of MDM implementation, there's no better time to deploy a Mobile Device Management solution. 

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What is Mobile Device Management?

Fastrack Mobile Device Management enables IT pros to provision mobile devices, assign corporate software, manage email settings, configure wireless profiles, deploy certificates, while enforcing security policies - all with a single management console.

Mobile Application Management

Our Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution drives business productivity by enabling simplified distribution, protection, and management of corporate mobile apps at scale.

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Microsoft Intune Deployment

Microsoft Intune is the underlying technology of Fastrack MDM. Deployment is an essential first step to in creating a comprehensive mobility solution for your organisation.

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Managed Microsoft Intune

With heightened levels of productivity and work-life balance a proven result of well executed Microsoft Intune deployment, there's no better time to outsource management of your Microsoft Intune activities.

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What do you get with Fastrack MDM?

Microsoft Intune Deployment

Leveraging repeatable frameworks, dedicated consultants work closely with you to customise and deploy Microsoft Intune to your organisation's unique requirements.

Manage Android & iOS devices

Both Android and iOS devices are simply enrolled into your environment, allowing end-users to access email, files and other key resources. Once enrolled, security policies and settings are automatically enforced.

Group policy configuration

We setup and configure all group policy features across your mobile devices to suit the needs of the industry or security environment that your business operates. This includes policies related to device configuration, compliance, conditional access, enrolment and resource access.

Certificate deployment

Access to corporate resources is simultaneously secure and simple for end users, as we manage the ongoing deployment of certificates to staff mobile devices.

App & driver packaging

Corporate apps are pre-packaged and deployed for you, simplifying the staff on-boarding process. 

VPN & Wi-Fi provisioning

End-users can instantly connect over corporate Wi-­Fi and VPN profiles.

Remote management

Retire and selectively wipe business data from lost or outdated devices.

Email profile creation

Secure access to business email, calendars, and contacts while preserving the user experience.

Security configuration & management

Protect business data at rest and in motion with industry leading mobile application management (MAM), access management and data protection capabilities.

Self-service application installs

Simplify administration by automatically enrolling devices and allowing users to easily install corporate apps from the self-service portal.

On-demand configuration changes

We keep you up to date on settings, policies and configuration changes as they happen. 

Support for level 2 teams

Your IT admin team can't be expected to be MDM experts on top of everything else. We're always available when your IT pros need to escalate an issue.

Why Fastrack MDM?

Each enterprise is a little bit different, but the results are always the same.

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