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We're a go-to Microsoft partner for fast, seemless Office 365 deployment to medium and large organisations and are the most experienced ProPlus enterprise deployment firm in Australia. Get in touch with an Office 365 consultant.


Deploy an always up-to-date Office 365 solution

Keeping your Office apps up to date on multiple devices has been a thorn in the side of IT teams for as long as we can remember. Historically, user experience has varied between devices, there's always an update you haven't planned for and you're constantly managing new infrastructure challenges.

With Office 365, incremental updates and a monthly subscription model means once a business has migrated, each new upgrade can be integrated automatically. Although regular and expensive upgrades of Office are no longer an issue, if not configured correctly, updates can still cause headaches. 

Office 365 upgrades are impacted by several barriers and lots of complexity and an Office 365 consultant can help, rather than investing all your time when you only have to do it once.

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Comprehensive Office 365 solutions

With Office 365 deployed, your staff have perpetually updated clients across multiple devices, including mobiles and tablets, with cloud-connected infrastructure underpinning that experience.

With help from a Fastrack Office 365 consultant, you'll harness the power of Exchange, Office 2016, One Drive and Skype for Business without the cost and effort of maintaining physical infrastructure.


Office 365 ProPlus Deployment

With support for older versions of Office set to be withdrawn, you need to move to Office 365 now. We have developed an efficient, repeatable framework to deliver fast Office 365 ProPlus deployments.

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Exchange Online & migration tools

Email is a business critical application, so we ensure down-time is limited or eliminated during your migration. We leverage advanced migration tools and know how to get the job done seemlessly.

We can also facilitate hybrid or direct migrations and decommission or manage your environment on-going once the migration is complete. Speak to a Fastrack Office 365 consultant about your journey and find out how we can help. 

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Connectivity supporting migrations

During Office 365 migration, you may need to move terabytes of data to the cloud. Using your internet connection will be slow and mean many nights or weekends scheduled for migrating data. We can provide up to 10 Gbit connectivity, meaning your migration could take days, instead of months. We use Azure ExpressRoute and our own CloudConnect to get the job done.

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Skype For Business cloud voice and video

Skype For Business is now an enterprise-grade communications platform and we can help make it your enterprise voice and video platform. We provide end-to-end consulting in this area to help companies transition to Cloud Voice and Video with Skype For Business. Reduce your universal comms total cost outlay with Office 365.

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Active directory consulting services

The identity and access solution surrounding Office 365 applications needs to be tightly integrated to enable best user experience and adoption. We provide analysis, deployment and support services to enable Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) for all your microsoft and non-Microsoft applications.

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OneDrive and SharePoint consulting

We migrate to OneDrive and can help with SharePoint setup and migration to enable your end-users to work better, together. We use best-in-breed tools and the Microsoft FastTrack Center to ensure low risk and seemless migrations. 

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Deploy Office 365 faster, better... and now

The shift to Office 365 is an inevitable step for enterprises. Without the right experience, Office 365 can take months (and in some cases years) to start adding value to your business. 

We're known as the go-to Microsoft partner for making faster, simpler Office 365 migrations and deployments possible. We've worked extensively with Microsoft over the last decade, and are the most experienced enterprise Office 365 ProPlus deployment firm in Australia.









Let's fastrack your Office 365 journey.