OS Management

Upgrading to Windows 10 and managing large fleets of devices is an important yet complicated, ongoing undertaking for enterprise IT teams. We're passionate about helping you take advantage of the mobility, security & simplicity of Windows 10 and can deliver OS Management as a service. 

How operating systems impact your bottom line

We live in a time where businesses are more connected and reliant on technology than ever before, with most employees using dedicated devices set up for the tasks they need to complete. When it works, it's incredibly efficient and practical, but when it doesn't, the issues can be frustrating and difficult to resolve.

Enterprises use a variety of devices, but the one thing that all of them need to have is an up-to-date and functional operating system (OS). Managing these devices is a complex job, consisting of far more than simply updating to the latest version every year.

In fact, OS Management encompasses everything from security to server maintenance, and without the right expertise any problems can snowball into serious roadblocks. To put it simply, an OS should run with staff almost unaware of changes made day-to-day. 

Challenges managing enterprise operating systems

While your in-house IT team may be able to complete some of the tasks required in setting up and maintaining Windows 10, it will take longer and the potential for disruption to everyday office operations is much higher.

Unlike previous versions, Windows 10 represents a complete paradigm shift in the way that the system operates, moving to a cloud-based format and bringing up all sorts of questions that IT teams may not be equipped to address.

Is your team comfortable enough with Windows 10 to create a standard operating environment (SOE) that works across all devices and deployment scenarios? Can they update task sequences, or create and configure boot images?

Windows 10 does come with a host of improvements and innovations that make it an essential tool for enterprises. For example, being continually updated by patches, making it perhaps the last big OS change businesses will have to go through.The trick is ensuring the OS is well managed during its lifetime.

This is where we come in.

OS Management with Fastrack

Aside from critical elements such as standard operating environment (SOE) creation, our repeatable approach, tested on countless customers ensures we plan for the most complex environments so you don't have to.

CFFastrackJune2017_Infoimages_OS Management.png

In addition, we provide application remediation services, ensuring that any existing products or software that your business uses are transferred across to Windows 10.

Another important issue is patches, which update the OS, improve security and fix any bugs. Keeping up with these changes - without compromising on the OS itself during the process - is a key part of OS Management. Because patches can be released unexpectedly at any time, it's important to have a set process, which Fastrack can implement.

Typically this involves deploying the patch on only a handful of 'pilot' computers, in order to test the update before release enterprise-wide.

Our approach minimises the potential for disruption, and ensures that your business's devices and operating systems are always functioning to the best of their ability.


We know Windows 10 and we're here to help.

We manage enterprise operating systems better, and provide our clients with easier computing processes from top to bottom. We've solved all the problems before and we're here to help you deliver outcomes to your organisation.

Our consultants can review your environment to help with your upgrades, or propose a managed service for ongoing Windows 10 management.  



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