OS Management

Outsource management of your operating system

Without regular patching and updates, IT environments become vulnerable to hackers and other security threats.

Outsourcing management of your Windows OS environment with Fastrack simplifies and secures your environment.

What is Fastrack OS Management? 

Our OS Management solution covers the whole suite of tasks involved in managing your OS environment, including patching, updates, maintenance, performance optimisation and 24x7 monitoring.

For those looking to start fresh with their OS, we also handle everything from design and configuration, to testing and deployment.

What's included?

Automated patching

Automated patching

We can distribute thoroughly tested patches to thousands of machines in minutes with minimal impact on your network.

Remote patching

Regardless of whether your devices are behind a firewall, at remote sites, or even asleep - we'll ensure all your devices are patched - wherever they are.

Single interface for patch compliance

We'll ensure you can see patch health across your fleet from a single interface.

SOE design

We design your SOE with a view to remove unneeded complexity from your corporate IT environment, making your system predictable, and minimising the ongoing support and management effort.
Task sequence configuration & deployment

Task sequence configuration & deployment

Fastrack manage the complete task sequence process, including initial and ongoing creation of task sequences to simplify the deployment of operating systems to end-user devices.
Driver pack updates

Driver pack updates

To ensure your end-user devices always work as they should, we proactively manage driver packs for every device in your fleet.
Pilot group testing

Pilot group testing

To eliminate risk during deployment, we ensure updates and patches are tested with a pilot group before proceeding to production. We'll also coordinate feedback and make changes before production go-live.

Quarterly or monthly configuration

Our update schedule can be customised to suit your internal change management process.

On-going advice, reporting and monitoring

We provide monthly reports on the health of your OS and are always monitoring for potential issues.

Need a more specialised service?

Patch management

With the rising number of malicious attacks world-wide, patch management has never been more critical. Fastrack's Patch Management solution delivers an always up-to-date experience for your operating system and critical business apps.

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Cloud-based PC Management

We minimize the complexity of your SOE by deploying Microsoft Intune to deliver a cloud-based, future ready OS management solution.

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Windows 10 Upgrade

With Windows 7 support ending January 2020, now is the time to begin planning your move to Windows 10. We've migrated dozens of businesses and have refined our process to minimise business disruptions.

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Why Fastrack?

Whether you need a fully managed OS Management solution or a once-off upgrade, we have the solution for you.

What's next?

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