Configuration Manager / SCCM Deployment

ConfigMgr can be a powerful tool for managing hardware fleets and applications, yet it is often under-utilised by IT teams. SCCM deployment services can help you get the most from your environment.



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Staff are most productive when they can work with the equipment of their choosing, access the platforms and applications that suit their work style, and connect to corporate data anywhere, at anytime.

Most enterprises use System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to manage their employee's devices. Although the software is incredibly powerful, many IT teams under utilise the tool. Important tasks, like deploying new or updating site servers are often forgotten, making it difficult to maintain essential processes.

SCCM deployment specliasts are expensive and some tasks are mundane. The simplest way to ensure your ConfigMgr environment is supporting your needs, is to get help from external SCCM deployment experts.

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Comprehensive and customised device management

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Devices & Deployment, we specialise in deploying Configuration Manager / SCCM deployment in a way that utilises best practices while catering to the needs of your enterprise. We can help you plan, deploy, and maintain any part of your SCCM enviroment and also Microsoft Intune.

ConfigMgr for Windows 10 Upgrades & Updates

We can help assess your environment to ensure your Windows 10 upgrade and update processes minimise cost and risk. We can help maintain ConfigMgr infrastructure that automates the deployment and on-going management of Windows 10.

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Application packaging and distribution

We ensure your applications are installed and function as required by configuring, deploying and managing the packaging of Microsoft, third-party and custom applications. Packages can be customised to automatically install upon boot, or require interaction from users. Self-service can also be enabled through the Software Center application catalogue. We then help you define and configure group policy settings to meet application requirements and can assist with the distribution of packages.


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Device compliance configuration

We create a baseline for the “desired configuration state” of devices and ensure they comply with a set of prerequisites. This simplifies device on-boarding by ensuring all devices on the company network have appropriate levels of security. In addition, we empower you to identify and remove non-compliant devices, so they can be returned to your desired configuration state.


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Windows Server configuration

We can provide a simplified, yet comprehensive view of your Windows Server environment. This could include setting up roles, storage, group policies, and applications to be deployed seamlessly across your environment. As new software updates become available, we can help you assess, test and deploy updates to servers to ensure the latest and most relevant patching and updates keep your environment healthy. Finally, we'll help you get a comprehensive view of your assets, with custom reporting to simplify issue resolution and commercial decisions.


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Site server and distribution point server configuration

To enable users to have fast, uninterrupted access to business applications, software and updates, without adding strain to WAN performance, we'll help deploy distribution points (DPs) across your environment. DPs are localised infrastructure which allow devices to quickly source updates and applications locally, rather than traveling across the internet or a low-speed WAN. We'll help configure, deploy, maintain and manage your DP infrastructure to provide the highest available speeds and ensure the delivery of packages.


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Task sequence configuration

We can create task sequences to simplify the deployment of operating systems. Eliminate inefficiencies and errors associated with manually installing Windows, and ensure your SOE build process is standardised allowing machines to be easily rebuilt. We can also create a number of custom task sequences as required.


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Intelligence, reporting and security

We deploy Configuration Manager to solve a range of intelligence, reporting and security challenges.

Asset intelligence catalogue

We configure the asset intelligence catalogue to give you a comprehensive view of all hardware and software assets. We can deploy 60+ reports that allow you to source, catalogue and analyse your devices. Key information about Microsoft and third-party software licenses, can be surfaced. With the asset intelligence catalogue configured, you can make meaningful technical and commercial decisions about all your assets.

Report configuration

SCCM comes with a number of in-built reports. However, the report list is massive, with reports for everything from administrator activity, to device enrolment. Without the right configuration, built-in reports can display incorrect or incomplete data. Similarly, without the right knowledge, it can take hours to create a simple report from scratch. We configure the built-in reports to show you accurate information and create custom reports to surface business critical data, bespoke to your requirements.

Endpoint protection

New malware and security threats arise every day. We can help integrate System Center Endpoint Protection to deliver a single solution for malware protection, identification, and remediation of vulnerabilities, while giving visibility into non-compliant systems. We also facilitate management of anti-malware policies and Windows Firewall security for client computers in your SCCM hierarchy.








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