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In this series we'll sort the fluff from the genuinely useful, and get you on your way to launching a perpetually updated OS for your end-users.

Windows 10 update channels and servicing

On-demand webinar

The monthly feature and security updates organisations can access is one of the key benefits of Windows 10. However, IT pros responsible for deployment might want more control over how often your users get these new features.

In this on-demand webinar, we take you through the update channels available to you and help you uncover which model will work best for your enterprise.

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Exploring Windows Analytics

On-demand webinar

When you begin a Windows upgrade project, it raises a range of questions. "How healthy are my devices? What's the status of their security compliance? And how do I actually gain access to this data so I can answer these questions?"

This webinar demonstrates how Windows Analytics can give you the data-driven insights you need to move on with your upgrade. 

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Automating device enrollment with Windows AutoPilot

On-demand webinar

Traditionally, IT pros spend too much time building and customising images that will later be deployed to devices with a perfectly good OS already installed on them. Windows AutoPilot allows you to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use with limited to no interaction between user and IT.

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Windows 10 management with Microsoft Intune

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In this expert-led webinar, we explain everything you need to know about using Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory to deploy and manage your Windows environment.

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